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Dori’s Zoom Meditation Retreats

The Blessings of Equanimity 2021:
Body like a Mountain, Breath like a Breeze, Mind like the Sky
with Dori Langevin and Angela Sullivan (mindful movement)
Sat October 23 ~ 9:30 am to 4:00pm & Sun October 24 ~ 9:30am to 4:00 pm PST

Equanimity is woven throughout the Buddhadharma and has multiple interdependent expressions: As balance in the midst of the eight worldly vicissitudes of gain and loss, praise and blame, fame and disrepute, pleasure and pain. As boundless unconditional friendliness, compassion and sympathetic joy toward all beings. As realizing and living from the wisdom of non-preferential awareness and letting go…to name a few.

There was conflict in the Buddha’s time, there is conflict now. How can we dance externally with conflict in our families, our neighborhoods, our places of study or work paid or volunteer…to name a few? How can we dance internally with grief, fear, anger, confusion, greed as impermanent states of body, heart and mind? How can we see the good,true and beautiful alongside what is wrong and what is missing? How can we not, if we want to find peace in our hearts enough to bring peacefulness into our relationships and the world?

The Buddha taught: Do no harm ~~ Act for the good ~~ Purify the mind

When cultivated, the wholesome mindstate of equanimity will naturally flow into our words and actions as we learn to dance with the 10,000 joys and 10,000 sorrows of life.
You might pause right now and contemplate “What is my North Star?”  “What do I truly value?”  “What matters most within me and around me?”

Together we will take refuge in mindful loving awareness with moment-to-moment experience within the landscapes of the body, heart and mind in both stillness and movement. We will take refuge in our temporary sangha that includes both people we know and people we do not know (yet), people geographically near and far through the miracle of technology and cyberspace and the devotion of Dharma Zephyr volunteers. We will also take refuge in our awakening Golden-Buddha Nature, our intrinsic goodness.

If these words give rise to a “Yes” in you, we’ll see you in October – let’s bring the blessing of “a heart that is ready for anything” and see what happens together!

Angela Sullivan is a member of Dharma Zephyr Insight Meditation Community and has taught yoga professionally for over 30 years.  She began training in dance at the age of 5 and has been exploring the connection between our bodies, minds, and hearts ever since.  Her joyful and simple series will energize the body, release tension, and delight the heart.

Dana (donation): Because these liberation teachings are priceless, there is no charge for this event. Dana will be gratefully accepted by the teacher and by Dharma Zephyr, giving participants the opportunity to freely engage in the practice of generosity, the first step toward freedom.

For more information and/or to register, please contact Susan Antipa

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