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2018 Dates:  May 30-June 3   September 26-30
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Radiant Mind ~ Open Heart:
Awakening from the Illusion of our Separateness
Intimate 5-Day Residential Meditation Retreat with Dori Langevin

6:00 pm Wed, September 20 through 1:30 pm Sun, September 24, 2017

Kairos House of Prayer, Spokane, WA  15 retreatants
Kairos is a mountain retreat setting with single room accommodations and
vegetarian meals located 30 minutes north of downtown Spokane.
Please note: Meditation Hall is up a flight of stairs.

“We are here to awaken from the illusion of our separateness.” Thich Nhat Hanh

The Buddha’s awakening arose from his profound devotion to understanding human suffering and his realization of the three marks of existence called “insights”:

  • The truth of anicca (impermanence – the natural and inherent changing flow in all of life);
  • The truth of dukkha (discontentment, suffering – the cause and path to the cessation of suffering); and
  • The truth of anatta (selflessness – every object and experience arises due a confluence of causes and conditions and is empty of intrinsic separate or solid self-ness).

The third insight was the most radical and together with the first two truths we, too, can awaken out of “the illusion of our separateness” from our whole being, from other beings, and from the Earth. When we clearly identify and courageously transform our obstacles to deeply knowing how inextricably interdependent we are with all of life, we are more easily and more often guided by innate wise and open-heartened awareness.

“No matter who you are or what you do, the ground is always shaky.
And, the really good news is that shaky ground is fertile ground
for spiritual growth and awakening.”  Pema Chödrön

Instructions will be offered for mindfulness and heartfulness meditation and we will flow between stillness and movement practices (walking meditation and qigong). Throughout the retreat, we will honor Noble Affectionate Silence aside from structured dialogues and Q & A. This practice invites us to let go of socialization and the need to “be somebody” and helps to settle the heart-mind-body.

We will be held by the decades of spiritual practice that has occurred at Kairos, by the dedication and loving wisdom of Sister Florence and Rita and by all of the animal, plant and mineral beings of Kairos.

Dori Langevin, Psy.D, is a graduate of the four-year teacher training program with Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein and other Spirit Rock & Insight Meditation Society (IMS) teachers. She has been teaching Buddhadharma & Meditation since 2003. Dori loves sharing the Buddha’s radical teachings and practices which empower us to live with wakefulness, compassion and wisdom in the midst of our messy, yet radiant lives. She considers herself a devotee of the Sacred Feminine and grounds her teaching in embodied presence.

Registration Fee and Dana to support the teacher
1) $200 registration fee to cover your room & board and administrative expenses; camping registration fee is $132. Pay Pal option for registration (includes the Pay Pal fees) is available for those who wish to pay by credit card (see registration form for details).
2) Plus “you decide” sliding scale of $150 to $350 donation (dana) for the retreat teachings and guidance which you will offer directly to Dori on Sunday by check or cash.
Because of the generosity of retreatants, partial scholarships for registration may be available for those who could not attend otherwise. Please contact Dori for details. You will receive an email Confirmation Letter upon acceptance into the retreat.

Refund Policy: Checks will be deposited on Sept 7. If you need to cancel telephone Dori on or before Sept 6 and she will issue a $150 refund (camping $82). If your place is filled from the wait-list you will be refunded $180 (or camping $112) after the retreat. No refund is available if you leave the retreat early because Dori pays Kairos full room and board costs for all retreatants.
Questions?  509-688-7772 or sati@windwireless.net

Lodging Information
Lodging is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis balanced with physical needs as indicated on your registration form. Everyone needs to mail the signed registration form; postmark will serve as date for lodging requests.

Kairos has 13 single rooms. In order to make room for 15 people to attend the retreat, registration priority will be given to those who are willing to camp or share lodging with another person (Kairos does not have a reduced room and board rate for sharing a room).

  1. There are six rooms in the two main buildings:
    Two rooms upstairs & two rooms downstairs in the main house where there are full baths on both floors.
    Two rooms upstairs next to the meditation hall in the “barn.” It is called the “barn” because it looks like one from the outside (but there are no animals!). There are two full baths on the ground floor of the barn.2. There are seven single dwellings situated at various places on the property and thus are more private and quiet: Four A-frame cabins and three hermitages (renovated single-person trailers). Some require uphill walking although two of the hermitages are close to the main buildings.  All have electricity and heat, but no running water. Drinking water is supplied for drinking, brushing your teeth, making tea. All have “honey-pots” for night-time toileting which you will empty and wash out Sunday morning (and they are not smelly!). Bathrooms/showers are available in the main house and the barn at any time for your use.

One of the larger A-Frames and one room in the main house can each accommodate two people.
Campers need to bring their own towels, tent, etc.

Registration form