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The Beauty and Power of Mindfulness: Reaching IN and Reaching OUT

Intimate 5-Day Residential Meditation Retreat  retreat full

6:00 pm Wed, May 17 thru 1:30 pm Sun, May 21, 2017
Kairos House of Prayer, Spokane, WA  15 retreatants

Kairos is a mountain retreat setting with single room accommodations and vegetarian meals located 30 minutes north of downtown Spokane.
Please note: Meditation Hall is up a flight of stairs.

“My friends, it is through the establishment of the lovely clarity of mindfulness
that you can let go of grasping after past and future,
overcome attachment and grief, abandon all clinging and anxiety,
and awaken an unshakable freedom of heart, here, now.”
“Do No Harm, Act for the Good, Purify the Mind”

Reaching IN ~ Grounded in these words of the Buddha we will cultivate mindfulness of vedanā as a pivotal “intervention” in the cycle of stress and suffering. Vedanā or feeling tone is the quality of pleasant, unpleasant or neutral that arises with every bodily sensation, sound, sight, smell, taste, thought or emotion we experience that usually goes unnoticed.

Maha Ghosananda, the Cambodian monk and peace activist, led annual dhamma yietra or ‘pilgrimage of justice’ marches through areas infested by landmines left behind during the long civil war in his country. He declared that the inner landmines exist in the human heart as the three root poisons of greed, hatred and delusion.

We will begin our retreat by establishing embodied presence in stillness and movement (qigong and walking meditation) as the scaffolding to abide in mindfulness of strong vedanā and to investigate grasping, aversion or delusion that arise when we “miss” seeing vedanā and are off and running in habitual reactivity. Reaching IN is the courageous and ongoing effort to discover and disarm our inner landmines thus allowing wisdom and compassion to source our Reaching Out into the world.

“The only reason we don’t open our hearts and minds to other people is that they trigger confusion in us that we don’t feel brave enough or sane enough to deal with. To the degree that we look clearly and compassionately at ourselves, we feel confident and fearlessabout looking into someone else’s eyes.”

― Pema Chödrön

Reaching OUT ~ requires ongoing mindful awareness of our intentions, thoughts and emotions to discern what is wise speech and action in any given situation. Are we caught in the tangles of habitual reactivity that may cause harm or can we respond from clarity and understanding that reflects our deepest values?

To “do no harm” and “act for the good” we will also explore the Five Training Precepts which are grounded in non-harming and reverence for life. They include refraining from harming any living being; from taking what is not offered; from sexual conduct that is harmful to self or others; from speech that is divisive, harsh, unkind or false; and refraining from clouding the mind with intoxicants. Few of us are perfectly aligned with the precepts, but can we train to act and speak with truth that is non-harming as well as standing strong for non-harming in the world? Can we train to act without “demonizing” or creating an unreal “other” or deepening the sense of a separate self that builds walls rather than bridges? Can we train to cultivate “an unshakeable freedom of heart” internally and in our relational world?

The Buddha declared “If it were not possible to free the heart from entanglement in greed, hatred and fear, I would not teach you to do so. But just because it is possible to free the heart from entanglement in unhealthy states do I offer these teachings.”

It is not the intention of this retreat to debate or define wise action for anyone, but to provide the opportunity to practice in sacred community and be nourished by these practices of awakening so we can reach out with wisdom and compassion to each other and in widening circles to the world. We will also be nourished by nature and the loving environment of Kairos that Sr. Florence and Rita have created over many decades of devotion and generosity.

Essential prerequisites: Curiosity, vulnerability, courage, openness, and willingness to be playful and patience with all that will arise from within, and to hold ourselves and each other with merciful kindness…to the best of our ability moment to moment.

“What shape waits in the seed of you
to grow and spread its branches
against a future sky?”

― David Whyte

Dori Langevin, Psy.D, is a graduate of the four-year teacher training program with Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein and other Spirit Rock & Insight Meditation Society (IMS) teachers. She has been teaching Buddhadharma & meditation since 2003, and has co-taught residential retreats with Tara Brach at Insight Meditation Community of Washington; as well as at IMS, Spirit Rock, Cloud Mountain, Tara Mandala, and iBme (teen retreats). Dori loves sharing the Buddha’s radical teachings and practices which empower us to live with wakefulness, compassion and wisdom in the midst of our messy, yet radiant lives. She considers herself a devotee of the Sacred Feminine and grounds her teaching in embodied presence.

Cost and Registration: Sliding Scale $350-$550 total retreat cost includes:

  1. $200 registration deposit to cover your room and board & administrative expenses. There is also an option to camp which will decrease the registration fee to $155.
  2. $150-$350 donation for the retreat teachings which you will offer directly to Dori on Sunday. Pay Pal option for registration (which includes the Pay Pal fees) is available for those who wish to pay by credit card. Because of the generosity of retreatants, partial scholarships may be available. Contact Dori for details. You will receive an email confirming your participation with guidelines for what to bring and driving directions.

Refund Policy: Checks will be deposited on April 28. If you need to cancel please telephone Dori on or before May 1 and she will issue a $150 refund; $200 refund is always issued if your place is filled from the wait-list. No refund is available if you leave the retreat early because Dori pays Kairos full room and board costs for all retreatants.

Questions? 509-928-3948 or sati@windwireless.net

Lodging Information

Lodging is assigned on a first-come, first-serve basis balanced with physical needs as indicated on your registration form. Everyone needs to mail the signed registration form; postmark will serve as date for lodging requests.

NEW: Kairos has 13 single rooms and dining room capacity for 15 so registration priority will also be given to those who are willing to camp (with reduced Kairos R&B cost) or share lodging with another person (without reduced Kairos R&B cost) to allow 15 people to attend.

  1. There are six rooms in the two main buildings:
    Two rooms upstairs & two rooms downstairs in the main house where there are full baths on both floors.
    Two rooms upstairs next to the meditation hall in the “barn.” It is called the “barn” because it looks like one from the outside (no animals!). There are two full baths on the ground floor of the barn.
  2. There are seven single dwellings situated at various places on the property and thus are more private and quiet: Four A-frame cabins and three hermitages (renovated single-person trailers). Some require uphill walking although three of the hermitages are closer to the main buildings. All have electricity and heat, but no running water. Drinking water is supplied. All have “honey-pots” for night-time toileting which do not need to be emptied and cleaned until Sunday morning (and they are not smelly!).

One of the larger A-Frames can easily accommodate two people and one of the main house bedrooms has housed two people in previous retreats.

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